Netflix is extending another olive branch to movie theater owners. The massively popular streaming service’s chilly relationship with theater chains seems to have thawed recently, and now Netflix says it will consider a limited theatrical release in France. According to Variety, the company confirmed on Wednesday that it might seek a limited release for the… (0 comment)

SEOUL (By Hyunjoo Jin Reuters) – Tech giant Samsung on Thursday said it expected earnings to further improve in the current quarter, after it reported its best quarterly profit since 2013 thanks to a memory chip boom. The South Korean company also said it had decided not to adopt a holding company structure, rejecting demands… (0 comment)

GUEST: People love a good David and Goliath story. Thanks to artificial intelligence, we may once again see many iterations of this narrative play out in the business space. For a long time now, big corporations have held most of the cards. Their capital, brand recognition, large staffs, and access to data have dwarfed the… (0 comment)

Former Y Combinator partner and chief operating officer Qasar Younis has left the company to work “on something new,” according to the departing executive’s personal site and Facebook account. Younis first participated in the accelerator in 2010 as an entrepreneur. Three years later, Younis joined Y Combinator as an investor after selling his company, TalkBin, to Google. Y Combinator president Sam Altman made Younis… (0 comment)
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