In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, getting kills isn’t important. The only thing that matters is getting that “winner winner chicken dinner” notification after you are the last person standing, and one player was able to accomplish that by hiding inside of jeeps through the majority of a match. YouTube creator and Twitch streamer PenguinOfDeath posted a video… (0 comment)

Cars and trucks will eventually adjust to their surroundings in ways you can’t even imagine yet. When cities implement a car traffic control center, autonomous vehicles adjust their speed automatically to eradicate congestion even miles up the road based on real-time driving patterns, and an “accident” means only that a kid broke their toy in… (0 comment)

The former lobbyist may be unable to perform his duties as deputy secretary due to conflicts. CREDIT: Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee The Senate voted 53–43 on Monday to confirm David Bernhardt as second-in-command at the Department of the Interior. The former industry lobbyist’s past positions could present numerous conflicts of interest for the… (0 comment)

I’m spending more of my time online on Discord, a social network of sorts for small communities of gaming fans. This service combines elements of Reddit, chat rooms, and Skype into a single app, and it has facilitated most of my multiplayer sessions over the last couple of months. And while Discord’s clearly one of… (0 comment)

Nana’s Quick Coffee Cake – made fancy with maple-butter frosting and a sprinkling of pecan nuts “Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.”  ~ Gustav Mahler   When I need a yummy cake in a hurry this is the first recipe I think of: Nana’s Quick Coffee Cake. My nana… (0 comment)

GUEST: The resurgence of artificial intelligence in recent years has been fueled by both the advent of cheap, available mass processing capacity and breakthroughs in AI algorithms that allow them to scale and tackle more complex problems. Interestingly, this recent trend is reminiscent of the personal computing revolution of the ’80s, when cheaper and more… (0 comment)

Distracted driving comes in many forms, from talking on the phone, to messing with a navigation system, or posing for selfies on the latest social media app. Over the weekend, the latter distraction, combined with another dangerous driving hazard — drunk driving — to claim the life of a teen in California.  NBC News reports… (0 comment)
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