(Reuters) – Shares of Snap jumped nearly 5 percent on Monday after several of the Snapchat owner’s IPO underwriters handed it badly needed “buy” ratings. Snap’s listing on March 1 was the largest by a technology firm in three years but trading has been volatile, with many investors critical of decelerating user growth. Snap has warned… (0 comment)

Nice Software, a company with high-performance computing (HPC) software that public cloud infrastructure provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) acquired last year, today announced a significant software update that simplifies deployments on AWS infrastructure. EnginFrame 2017, as the software is called, can now be run on top of AWS’ version of the Linux operating system, which… (0 comment)

GUEST: It’s now been a good couple of years since the FCC’s landmark ruling that codified net neutrality as we know it. The sky hasn’t fallen as net neutrality adversaries vehemently threatened. Competition, innovation, and investment by ISPs remains healthy, despite what opponents may claim. More importantly, the Internet remains a fair playing field as… (0 comment)

GUEST: From the dawn of the information age, computers have helped us accelerate our understanding of business performance and opportunities for improvements. We rely on them to tackle the routine, yet often complex, calculations underlying our most important metrics: revenue, growth, costs, and customers. The catch? In order to effectively communicate with machines, we have… (0 comment)

Following a Mobile World Congress presentation that saw an interruption by Greenpeace demonstrators on this very issue, Samsung today committed to an environmentally-responsible disposition of the millions of recalled Galaxy Note 7 handsets from last year’s ill-fated launch. After utilizing a reported 200,000 returned phones for testing, Samsung apparently still has over 2.5 million left… (0 comment)

GUEST: Intel announced late last week that it has formed a new AI group to consolidate a number of its programs and acquisitions. It’s headed by Naveen Rao, the former head of Intel acquisition Nervana. This means Intel is making sure is has a major seat at the table as artificial intelligence and machine learning… (0 comment)

Get ready to root your country on toward Hearthstone supremacy. Blizzard today announced the competitors that made the cut for its Hearthstone Global Games tournament, which pits teams representing 48 countries against each other. Hearthstone is the leader in a digital card game market that earned $394.6 million in revenue in 2016. It’s also a… (0 comment)
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