CREDIT: AP Photo/Alex Brandon Tonight, the president will make his first address to Congress, but he won’t be the only one to make a statement — some of those most hurt by his policies will be there too. One agenda he’ll be pushing is his new budget, which calls for cuts to almost everything the government does.… (0 comment)

If you’ve ever played Mario Kart and said “This would be super fun in real life, and even better in a Mario/Luigi/Bowser/Princess Peach costume,” then the good news is that someone in Japan made your dream a reality. The bad news: They didn’t get permission from Nintendo. If not for the copyright problems, a trip… (0 comment)

Back in October, Google began shaping up its YouTube-based pay-TV service with the hope of launching the option early this year. Now, just as February comes to an end, the company has officially launched YouTube TV. Google on Tuesday revealed details of YouTube TV, a $35/month TV service will provide customers with 40 network options and several… (0 comment)

It’s another show of interfaith solidarity. Days after Muslim activists created a fundraising campaign to repair decimated Jewish headstones in St. Louis, Missouri, Jewish donors are returning the favor by contributing funds to a repair a mosque in Florida. Soon after the Daarus Salaam Mosque in Tampa was set on fire last Friday, a Muslim man… (0 comment)

“The United States of America failed today.” This spring at the Dallas Cup, the Tibetan women’s soccer team was supposed to be the first sports team to represent Tibet on American soil. But after the team spent about $5,000 — half of its yearly budget — on its visa applications, it was denied entry into the United States, allegedly because it… (0 comment)

“Everything must be made as simple as possible. But not simpler.” ~ Albert Einstein “Systems and processes will always surpass motivation.” ~ Chris Matakas   Hello, Lovelies Suddenly, here we are at March. It’s a pivotal month, because this is the month where we begin to realise that no matter how motivated we are, if… (0 comment)

But his executive order faces numerous legal and scientific challenges. On Tuesday afternoon, President Donald Trump took the first step towards fulfilling a promise from his campaign: relieve the unnecessary regulatory burden on American industry by reversing Obama administration environmental rules. One rule Trump was particularly concerned with was the Clean Water Rule, the Obama… (0 comment)
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