Paul Heirendt, a principal at True Bearing Advisors and co-founder of multiple startups, has first-hand experience with how hard it can be for entrepreneurs to find seed funding in St. Louis. “Of the nine startups I’ve been involved with in St. Louis in the last few years, four had to relocate to find adequate seed-stage funding,” said Heirendt. Relocation is far from the worst thing that can happen to… (0 comment)

David Clarke resigned abruptly from his long-standing post as Milwaukee County Sheriff on Thursday afternoon. Clarke’s departure re-opens the prospect, widely rumored in the spring, of the authoritarian-minded right-wing lawman joining President Donald Trump’s cabinet. Clarke had previously accepted a middle-management job in Trump’s Department of Homeland Security, only to rescind that decision weeks later… (0 comment)

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” ~ Tony Robbins Hello, Lovelies Suddenly, here we are at September. I love September. In Australia it’s the beginning of Spring, and It’s a month of possibility and expansive energy, of change and curiosity, and of starting small projects that may take… (0 comment)

There’s some bad legal news for Verizon, new owner of the internet services and content portions of Yahoo. A federal judge in San Jose denied Verizon’s motion to dismiss lawsuits from Yahoo users whose accounts were part of a series of breaches that affected an unprecedented number of users. Yahoo had moved to dismiss the… (0 comment)

Once again, the New York Times has let columnist Bret Stephens publish nonsense on climate change and falsely smear environmentalists. Stephens, who has been widely criticized for spreading misinformation on climate change, tells Houstonians and indeed all Americans that “the paradox of our time is that the part of the world that has never been safer from the… (0 comment)
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