GUEST: Innovation in theory and innovation in practice are radically different. Here are some simple tools to get your company’s innovation pipeline through the obstacles it will encounter. Pete Newell and I have been working with Karl, the Chief Innovation Officer of a large diversified multi-billion-dollar company I’ll call Spacely Industries. Over the last 15 months his staff got… (0 comment)

The customer review is a relatively young form of criticism, but consumers have already unlocked some of its creative power with memorable and hilarious Amazon reviews. Of course, the internet has turned these into weapons against creators they don’t like or are upset with. The practice is so common among gaming fans that it has… (0 comment)

GUEST: Drones and other autonomous robots require mobile and efficient solutions to real-life issues, from mundane package transportation to urgent search and rescue missions. Using machine learning and a vector-based navigation system inspired by insects, agents could navigate to key locations without relying on a GPS — becoming truly autonomous. Robots could learn to navigate independently… (0 comment)

“Lunch makes me feel a bit better.”  ~  Suzanne Collins   Recently my friend Carly and I popped in to her parents’ house for lunch, and then a tour of her mum’s garden. Jewel made a lovely salad with fresh greens from her vegetable patch, and I took over a simple quiche that I’d whipped up… (0 comment)

Gogoro, which wants to redefine urban transportation to make it more sustainable, announced today that it has raised a whopping $300 million to further its mission. New investors Temasek, Al Gore’s Generation Investment Management, Sumitomo Corporation, and ENGIE joined existing investors Dr. Samuel Yin, founder of the Tang Prize and chairman of Ruentex Group; Panasonic;… (0 comment)

GUEST: At this moment, there are computers using artificial intelligence to make decisions about the best courses of medical treatment, the quickest routes to take on a road trip, and the chess moves most likely to win a game. There’s even a Chinese supercomputer that can perform 33,860 trillion calculations per second, leading experts to… (0 comment)

GUEST: At the annual Delivering Alpha Conference on September 12, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon kicked up a storm by describing Bitcoin (BTC) as “a fraud” that “will eventually be closed.” He went further to warn that he would fire any JPMorgan staff member who traded bitcoins: “It [bitcoin] is worse than tulip bulbs. It won’t… (0 comment)

Oracle is letting its customers bring their own licenses to its cloud platform services with a set of pricing changes announced today. Larry Ellison, the company’s cofounder and CTO, said that customers who already pay for licenses to applications like Oracle Database, Middleware, and Analytics will be able to get a discount on running that… (0 comment)
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