Adam Schefter: "Something Tells Me the Gronkowski Family Was Not All That Thrilled" He Played Last Sunday

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Adam Schefter was on ESPN today talking about Rob Gronkowski’s back surgery. When talking about Vic Carucci breaking the story (Carucci is with the Buffalo News), Schefter noted: “Carucci originally reported the story, and great job by Vic, it comes out of Buffalo. The Gronkowski family lives in Buffalo. Something tells me the Gronkowski family is not all that thrilled that he was out there last week.”

Carucci’s reporting noted that the ruptured disc happened in the Seahawks game, so he would have been playing with that last week against the Jets, after missing the 49ers game.

Schefter knows how the industry works and is making an educated guess on how this went down. You should probably listen.

And this is notable when you consider that Gronkowski complained about his contract this offseason, and his agents showed up in New England, though no  new contract was reached. The Patriots picked up a four-year option that has Gronkowski being underpaid, relative to his value.

He’s also got an injury history that is quite extensive, but is a big difference maker when healthy. This story may not be going away as this will mark the fourth time in the last five seasons that Gronkowski will have missed at least 5 games due to injury, and he knows that his time to earn is coming to an end.

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