Alternative facts about inconvenient truths

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CREDIT: AP Photo/John Amis, File

President Trump’s executive order on climate change is here, and it is great news for anyone who hates breathable air. The order will have an outsized impact on the communities most vulnerable to climate change, jeopardize the entire planet’s well-being, and allow for more coal mining on public lands, just for good measure. There is one bit of good news for the environment, though: Maryland just banned fracking.

ICYMI: A white supremacist traveled to New York City to murder a black man. He was charged with terrorism, but the White House still won’t condemn his killing.

CREDIT: AP/ J. Scott Applewhite

Trump’s efforts to gut Obamacare have suffered a massive setback, but it’s not over — he can still work around Congress.

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The DOJ is cracking down on sanctuary cities by cutting off federal funding.

North Carolina’s anti-trans bill cost the state at least $3.76 billion.


“I honestly don’t think people understand how much is lost here.”

— Christy Goldfuss, former chair of the President’s Council on Environmental Quality, on Trump’s climate order

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