Are their lips moving…

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CREDIT: AP Photo/Steve Helber

Yesterday, the Washington Post made a liar out of Jay Sekulow, one of Donald Trump’s personal lawyers. According to the Post, President Trump personally helped craft the misleading statement Junior released about last summer’s Russian rendezvous, which is the exact thing Sekulow unequivocally denied to Meet the Press two weeks ago.

CREDIT: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

According to a new lawsuit, President Trump was directly involved in the effort to spread a fake story about the murder of Seth Rich, a former Democratic National Committee staffer. Fox News contributor Rod Wheeler alleges that the President had a hand in approving the since-retracted story, which contained multiple fabricated quotes because “that is the way the President wanted the article.”

ICYMI: Speaker Ryan released a very awkward music video ad as part of his effort to lobby for border wall funding.

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The Trump administration reportedly fell for a prankster’s email and compromised their personal data in the process.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee says they won’t withhold funding from anti-abortion rights candidates because they don’t think there should be a litmus test for being a Democrat. Reproductive rights activists couldn’t disagree more.

The EPA’s failure to enforce a rule for oil and gas drillers is causing the release of hazardous air pollutants, a court rules.


We’re not moving on. We’re going to listen to President Trump. We’re going to get ‘er done.

—Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), on Republicans’ still-ongoing effort to repeal Obamacare

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