Bait and switch

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CREDIT: AP Photo/Ben McKeown

North Carolina’s Governor Roy Cooper (D) campaigned on repealing the state’s transphobic HB2 bill. But the compromise just announced from the state capital is far from a clean repeal—it’s a bait-and-switch in an effort to appease the NCAA, and it’s bad news for queer and trans people.

In better news for the LGBTQ community, the Supreme Court quietly handed down a decision that will make it harder for queerphobic businesses to discriminate.

CREDIT: AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

A terrifying new Arkansas law will ban sex-selective abortions and force doctors to actively investigate abortion patients. Somehow, though, this is not the most ridiculous abortion news to occur this week, a distinction that goes to Rep. Shannon Lundgren (R-IA.)

ICYMI: DREAMer Daniel Ramirez has been released after a six week detention.

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Trump’s new budget would undo federal funding for afterschool programs —eliminating some parents’ only source of affordable childcare.

The administration is poised to gut online privacy, and Trump’s most devoted trolls aren’t pleased.

Brexit isn’t just bad news for Europe — it’ll impact the United States and the rest of the world too.


“Rep. Forbes, this bill wasn’t written for the intent to protect or govern, on the side of the woman. It was written to save babies’ lives. I would concur that — in that instance — if your daughter’s life is not in danger, that yes, she would have to carry that baby.”

— Rep. Shannon Lundgren (R-IA), on whether or not pregnant parents should have to carry dead fetuses to term

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