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Bombshell dates dates

Bombshell dates dates
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Serves: 12
Time to make: 20 mins

12 pitted dates (moist ones work best)
12 white chocolate buttons
12 dried cranberries or 12 dried currants
12 halves shelled nuts (pecan or walnut)
1/2 cup fine desiccated coconut

Step 1 Cut each date lengthwise.

Step 2 Insert 1 button, 1 dried fruit and 1 half-nut. Press the opening closed with your fingers.

Step 3 Roll the dates in desiccated coconut.

HFG tip

The trick to good presents is good presentation.

Pack your edible present in a gift box lined with wax paper. If packing more than one layer, separate the layers with a sheet of wax paper.
Wrap the box in tin foil, scraps of fabric, or white paper with your own drawings.
Be creative with your decorating. Try ribbon bows, beads, seashells, real pine needles or tinsel.

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