Bye, Bill

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After 21 years, Bill O’Reilly is out at Fox News. We here at ThinkProgress took the time to reflect back on his career. Before you applaud Fox News for canning their chief racist though, spare a thought: why has it taken the network decades to fire its serial harassers?

CREDIT: Ted Nugent on Facebook

Ted Nugent, who repeatedly threatened the life of former President Obama, was hosted by the White House on Wednesday evening.

ICYMI: The judge whose Mexican heritage Trump criticized is the one who will determine the fate of a deported DREAMer.

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Citing Trump’s policies, the largest airline in the Middle East is cutting back its flights to the United States.

Tech workers are the face of Trump’s H-1B visa crackdown, but non-profit workers and foreign students are among some of those who could be most affected.

This is how you win a campaign against transphobia.


“I think [the Russian villain] has endured in part because Americans are able to use Russian enemy stereotypes without fearing that they’re treading into racist territory. Somehow, it’s just free of those symbols and those associations, whereas most of the others, in what is now our fairly broad collection of people that we sometimes consider enemies, most of them are connected on some level with racist stereotypes or fears of racist stereotypes, and Russians just don’t have that association. It’s almost like open season on Russians.”

— Joe Weisberg, co-executive producer of The Americans, on the enduring “Russian villain” stereotype

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