Ever since Nintendo launched its NES Classic Edition with the included hilariously short-cabled controller, third-parties have come up with their own solutions. But My Arcade is potentially the best. The My Arcade GamePad Classic wireless controller is an ideal solution for nostalgic gamers who want to enjoy their NES Classic without having to sit on… (0 comment)

(Reuters) – President Donald Trump plans to sign a repeal of Obama-era broadband privacy rules as a bigger fight looms over rules governing the openness of the internet, the White House said on Wednesday. Republicans in Congress on Tuesday narrowly passed the repeal of the privacy rules with no Democratic support and over the strong… (0 comment)

Visual marketing service Chute has raised a new round of funding, bringing in $4.1 million from Salesforce Ventures and existing investors. The additional capital will go towards developing applications that plug into enterprise solutions such as Salesforce, Adobe, and Oracle that gives brands the ability to surface user-generated content at the appropriate time. The new… (0 comment)

GUEST: Anyone who’s seen David Fincher’s classic thriller Se7en will recall Kevin Spacey’s chilling portrayal of serial killer John Doe toying with Morgan Freeman’s wizened detective and his doomed partner, Brad Pitt. But the real stars of the film are the seven deadly sins, which drive the macabre plot. While the film presents a gruesome… (0 comment)

Facebook Messenger has been recommending bots that send you sexually suggestive photos and videos. The bots, however, may not send you porn; instead, they fire off links about the advantages of starting an online business or the importance of marketing strategy. When reached for comment, a Facebook spokesperson said they’re working to remove bots in violation… (0 comment)

The best Overwatch players from around the world will have another chance to shine on Blizzard’s biggest stage. The developer announced today that the Overwatch World Cup tournament will return in 2017. It will feature teams from the 32 most skilled countries in a tournament that will culminate at BlizzCon 2017. Overwatch launched last year… (0 comment)

EXCLUSIVE: Mode Media refuses to die. In September, the high-flying media company abruptly shuttered itself after 10 years of operation. But last week, its Asia operations seemingly rose from the dead with the company’s founder Samir Arora acting as a modern day Lazarus. And much like the biblical myth, documents leaked to VentureBeat show that this tale of revival is full of unanswered… (0 comment)

Livestreaming through Twitch should start to look a lot cleaner. Amazon’s broadcasting site revealed today that it is boosting its video quality to support the 1080p resolution at a full 60 frames per second. This is something it has enabled certain channels to do before, but it is rolling out new transcoding options that will… (0 comment)
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