The infrastructure tool that enables many of the best mods for Grand Theft Auto IV and GTA V could return after the Rockstar Games studio and publisher Take-Two Interactive sent a cease-and-desist order to the people who distribute that software. Rockstar Games has posted a new policy about single-player mods that opens the door to the return… (0 comment)

Amazon’s Alexa will soon be able to act as a home intercom system, delivering voice or video to various rooms in your home. To talk to someone in another room, say the name of the device you want to receive the message. So you could say “Alexa, call the kitchen” then simply begin talking. The new… (0 comment)

VB EVENT: The magic of machine learning is its ability to uncover patterns to return astonishing results. Things get dark when suddenly you realize that those sophisticated machine learning-powered recommendation engines are laying bare the secrets you’ve been hiding and revealing your truest, most naked self. “I used to say I like jazz from the… (0 comment)

GUEST: AI research has long been the domain of universities, public institutions, and large corporations. Thanks to some amazing developments in the field over the past few years (and a whole lot of hype), every startup, VC, agency, and hot dog cart is scrambling to find a way to get on that bandwagon — to… (0 comment)

The NES Classic Edition controller has an absurdly short cable. The SNES Classic Edition wouldn’t make the same mistake. Would it? Well, kind of not. Nintendo has told Kotaku’s Jason Shreier that SNES Classic Edition controllers will have cords that are 5 feet long. By comparison, the NES Classic controllers were only 3 feet long. So,… (0 comment)
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