The Federal Communication Commission’s internet privacy regulations would have prevented your internet provider from using and selling some potentially sensitive information about you, but the Senate and the House of Representatives voted to roll back the regulations. As the bill awaits the President’s signature, we’ve learned that some of the community groups that contacted the… (0 comment)

Bank of America must pay $46 million for improperly foreclosing on a California couple’s home in 2010.  U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Christopher Klein levied [PDF] the judgement against the bank this week, calling Bank of America’s actions in foreclosing on the couple’s home “heartless” and “brazen.” In all, Klein ordered the bank to pay $46… (0 comment)

Don’t think fast food companies are taking consumers’ preference for “clean” food seriously? Just look at the war of words that has erupted this week between Chipotle and Panera Bread. While discussing Chipotle’s recent announcement that its entire menu now is now preservative-free, CEO Steve Ells told Business Insider that chains like McDonald’s and Panera… (0 comment)

There’s just something about shiny little things that makes children – and some adults – put the objects in their mouths. But that’s dangerous and even more hazardous when the object happens to be a magnet. To that end: Target is recalling thousands of magnetic tic-tac-toe boards. Target announced the recall Wednesday of 19,000 magnetic… (0 comment)

Seven years ago, Amazon acquired Quidsi, what was then a five-year-old competitor that ran the sites and Since then, the company has been running independently and expanded its offerings. Now Amazon is shuttering Quidsi’s brands, saying that it’s been unable to make a profit in the last seven years. Amazon acquired Quidsi in… (0 comment)

One of the nation’s largest providers of automobile financing, Santander Bank, has agreed to pay $26 million to end a two-state investigation into the financial institution’s alleged violation of state consumer protection laws related to its auto loan underwriting practices.  The Attorneys General from Massachusetts and Delaware [PDF] announced the settlements on Wednesday resolving accusations that from… (0 comment)

There could be something extra lurking in shellfish folks have been eating in Seattle, and it’s not a tasty mignonette: Health officials say they’re investigating a possible norovirus outbreak after multiple reports of people falling ill after eating raw oysters. As many as 39 people have become ill with symptoms suggestive of norovirus, Public Health… (0 comment)
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