Facebook open-sources Caffe2, a new deep learning framework

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At its F8 developer conference in San Jose today, Facebook is announcing the launch of Caffe2, a new open-source framework for deep learning, a trendy type of artificial intelligence (AI). Deep learning generally involves training artificial neural networks on lots of data, like photos, and then getting them to make inferences about new data.

Today’s announcement builds on Facebook’s contributions to the Torch open-source deep learning framework and more recently the PyTorch framework that the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) group conceived. And last year Facebook talked about a system called Caffe2go.

There are several other open-source deep learning frameworks for people to use for all kinds of purposes. In 2015 Google made a splash when it open-sourced its own framework called TensorFlow. Now Facebook has its real response ready.

Earlier today Facebook talked about how it’s using AI for augmented reality (AR), among other things. But Facebook is also using AI in existing products, including speech recognition in Oculus and image recognition on Facebook.

Nvidia, whose graphics processing units (GPUs) can go inside Facebook’s servers for deep learning, will be helping people learn about Caffe2, Nvidia accelerated computing general manager and vice president Ian Buck wrote in a blog post.

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