Facebook’s smart assistant M now speaks Spanish in Mexico and the U.S.

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Screenshots of Messenger on Android with intelligent assistant M

More than 150 million Spanish speakers in Mexico and the United States can now receive suggestions from intelligent assistant M on Facebook Messenger. Combined, the United States and Mexico have two of the largest Spanish-speaking populations in the world.

The news was announced today, appropriately enough, in a Facebook post. To receive M Suggestions in Spanish, go into your Messenger settings and change your preferred language to Spanish.

M Suggestions were first made available to English speakers in the United States in April. It uses AI to analyze a conversation and make suggestions based on word usage. Discuss a night out and M may suggest you “Create a Plan.” Type in a celebratory “Yay!” and M might suggest you share some stickers.

The intelligent assistant is also able to suggest actions such as making peer-to-peer payments, sharing your location, starting a poll, or hailing a ride from Lyft or Uber.

Similar features have been made for many other apps and platforms, ranging from Gmail to LinkedIn, but M is one of the only to suggest specific actions rather than response text.

At F8, Facebook’s annual developer conference in April, alongside a series of changes to make bots more discoverable on Facebook, M gained the ability to suggest bots, starting with Delivery.com.

The change today will bring M suggestions to Mexico, although M will not yet be able to suggest bots that can help you accomplish tasks.

Facebook has not disclosed when people can expect to see intelligent assistant M speak languages other than English and Spanish or be available outside the United States and Mexico.

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