Firefox 8.0 for iOS arrives with new tab experience, night mode, and QR code reader

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Mozilla today released Firefox 8.0 for iOS. Notable additions to the browser include a new tab experience, a night mode, an integrated QR code reader, yMail support, and external keyboard support in the address. You can download the new version now from Apple’s App Store.

Mozilla doesn’t break out the exact numbers for Firefox, though the company does say “half a billion people around the world” use the browser. Firefox for iOS was released as a public preview in September 2015 and as a stable release in November 2015.

First up, Firefox’s new tab experience is rolling out “gradually.” You should expect to see recently visited sites as well as highlights from previous web visits built right in. There are also a bunch of bug fixes related to tabs in this release (see the changelog below).

Firefox for iOS has also received a night mode. As you might expect, this feature dims the brightness of the screen, easing the strain on your eyes when you’re in a dark room or out and about at night. Check it out in action:

Mozilla has also decided it wants to eliminate the need to download a separate app for QR codes. Firefox for iOS now has a built-in QR code reader that opens the corresponding URL in the current tab.

Lastly, Mozilla is rolling out Feature Recommendations in the U.S. and Germany. These are basically hints and timesavers in the browser — power users will likely want to turn them off.

Here’s the full Firefox 8.0 for iOS changelog:

  • New browsing mode: A night mode to reduce webpage brightness while browsing. Perfect for those late night Wikipedia sessions.
  • See a QR code? Firefox now lets you scan QR codes you find, opening the url in the current tab.
  • If you’ve copied a link Firefox will now prompt you to open it, saving you from having to paste it in manually.
  • Added yMail as one of the supported email clients. Set a default email client to open mailto links directly in your favorite mail client.
  • A fancy new menu when you long press a website in History/Bookmarks.
  • Fixed YouTube and other video sites playing audio but the video was frozen.
  • The new Tab bar on iPad has been patched to fix a few crashes which occurred for a few users.
  • Fixed a bug where private tabs were not closed on exiting private mode if you had the respective preference turned on.
  • YouTube page history is now correctly reflected in the history panel.
  • You can now control the address bar from an external keyboard. Press left and right on your keyboard to move the url bar carot.
  • Do you use Firefox Logins to sync passwords? Good News! The password manager now has improved login page detection.
  • The History Panel is much snappier.

Mozilla typically releases new Firefox versions every six to eight weeks, but iOS versions are more sporadic (version 5.0 was released almost exactly a year ago).

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