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There’s quite a bit of a difference between just setting out some snacks and having a professional catering company set up a food presentation that impresses. Keep in mind image is everything, so if it needs to be reinforced it’s worth the extra cost to have experts take care of the food.

Be Sure There’s a Variety

Think back to attended business events, was the food impressive? One can only enjoy so many wraps, sandwiches and salads out of a box. Instead, pick a cuisine – like Italian or Mediterranean. Another great option is to pick a local favorite. This way it boasts of the company’s city a bit, allowing attendees to learn while they enjoy delicious food and soak up the information being presented.

Check the Caterer Feedback

To make sure that a great caterer is hired, check their opinion. This can be done in several ways. Perhaps the best way is to check online reviews; and make a point to check those that aren’t on the company-owned website as well.

In addition, most caterers are happy to give references. Take those that are offered and call each one of them. See how their events turned out and what they liked and disliked. Finally, ask related businesses. Other businesses that may work with them or have heard of them.

Some Fun Ideas

As of late, those who hire catering companies to impress at business functions enjoy panini bars, dip platters, healthy alternatives, and unique pasta dishes. Be sure there’s an option for every type of diet. Food preferences are no joke when a company is trying to impress and make all attendees happy.

· Kosher foods are always great to offer

· Include healthy and low-cal options

· Avoid allergens like peanuts and shellfish

· Say no to foods that are too spicy, salty or sweet

· Lactose intolerance

Why Not Try a Buffet?

A buffet is a simple way to please everyone, and to organize. It allows the guests to choose not only what foods they like but also their food part. Not only that, a buffet speeds up the eating process so that everyone can get down to networking or viewing a presentation.

Fresh Quality Food is Tops!

For any business that’s trying to impress at an event, freshness and quality of food is more than important. They should check the catering menu to be sure all selections are freshly made as presented or promised. Nothing should be premade more than a couple hours before the event. This will make sure it’s not dried out or spoiled. Warming trays are perfect to keep food warm until serving time.

Catering of Paris founded by executive chef Yuri Elie Amsellem promises to make any event one to remember with a philosophy of surpassing the client’s expectations. Chef Yuri was born and raised in Lyon. He graduated from the reputable AINSB Culinary School and carries degrees in Bakery and Pastries earning him accolades from famous culinary publications.

He is known for his exquisite Crepe recipes and “Pretzel Challah” which was featured on the cover of the Los Angeles Times. He’s had three restaurants since 2007, all successful. Now Catering of Paris offers creations for any size event including brunch, lunch, dinner, sweet buffet and of course, crepes! Browse menus and learn more at

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