Google Play gets a Free App of the Week section

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Google has added a new section to the Google Play store for promoting a free app every week. If you can’t see it in your Play store (I certainly don’t get it on my phone), you can access it directly, both on desktop and on mobile, by clicking the following link: Free App of the Week.

Android Police first spotted the new collection of apps and games by scrolling down on the Apps page of the Play store. As its name suggests, the new section is supposed to highlight one item per week, with the sale presumably ending after seven days. It’s not clear how the featured selection is chosen nor what happens after the week is over, but it likely returns to its original pricing.

As such, the Google Play collection should only ever show one item at any given point. This time it’s “Card Wars – Adventure Time” by Cartoon Network. That’s right; the first free app of the week is a game.

This is a great way to promote apps and games without overloading the user. I don’t bother going through the top charts nor do I have time to check Google Play’s Editors’ Choice section on a frequent basis, but I’m pretty sure I can go through 52 selections in a year. I have no interest in a card game so I’ve already dismissed this one, but I can’t help be curious about what next week will bring.

We have contacted Google about this new promotion and will update you if we hear back.

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