Google Search app for iOS now suggests related content when you’re browsing the web

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Seek, and you will find” may be an old passage from the bible, but it could also be a modern-day marketing mantra to promote search engines. After all, it’s almost harder not to find information online these days than it is to sit in ignorance.

Though Google Search now often serves as much as a destination in its own right for finding information as it does a gateway to websites, the company is today rolling out an update to its iOS app that promises to help you find relevant content based on the webpage you are currently looking at.

The update, which comes just as the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system begins its big global roll out, will suggest related articles when you swipe up from the bottom.

Above: Google Search for iOS: Related Content

This context-specific search feature is designed to guide you toward other content you may find interesting, and could see you ushered from Wikipedia to NASA’s website and back again, or from recipe to recipe. A veritable rabbit hole of web browsing could await you with this latest update.

This latest update follows a growing trend at Google. It’s very much about enabling discovery without having to type keywords — it’s geared toward scrolling and tapping. This is evident in other Google services such as the Explore tools in Google Maps which surface things to do based on location and time of day. Context awareness is the name of the game.

The new feature is launching initially in the U.S. in English only for now, but it will be landing in other markets and languages “soon,” according to a blog post.

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