Google to offer mobile web developer certification for $99

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If you’re a mobile web developer looking to tout your coding prowess to the world, Google is introducing a certification process that allows you to sit an exam which — if you pass — gives you an electronic badge to display on your resume, website, and other online profiles.

Additionally, potential employers will be able to search a centralized repository for developers who have gained their badge.

“Based on a thorough analysis of the market, this new certification highlights developers who have in-demand skills as mobile web developers,” explained Sarah Clark, Google’s program manager for web developer training, in a blog post.

Costing $99, the Mobile Web Specialist certification program offers mobile web developers a study guide to help them prepare for the exam, after which they have three attemps to gain their badge. The exam takes place online, with participants expected to “write code in a timed, performance-based exam,” added Clark. Participants are also expected to complete an exit interview where they explain their work — this should go some way toward ensuring the legitimacy of an exam submission.

The latest certification program follows shortly after Google introduced the $150 Associate Android Developer certification, aimed at those looking to promote their skills in the native app realm.

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