Google will change the look of its sign-in pages in the next few weeks

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Google today confirmed that it has begun informing people about a redesign of the sign-in pages for its web services like Gmail. Google will be drawing from the style of the user interface it uses for adding accounts on Android and using it for the sign-in experience in Chrome and other browsers.

People will still need to type in their email address or phone number and then their password — and then use any two-factor authentication system that they’ve previously enabled. So functionality will not change. But the experience will look different in a few weeks, Google product manager Rodrigo Paiva told VentureBeat in an interview. Google started showing people a notification about the change at the bottom of the sign-in screen yesterday to prevent people from being surprised by the new look, Paiva said.

Google started using the new look at the operating-system level — through Settings > Accounts > Add Account > Google on Android, and through the Google App on iOS — a few months ago, and the company has been testing it in browsers internally in recent weeks, Paiva said.

The new system has a responsive design, meaning that its appearance will change based on screen size and orientation, and it will work on the mobile web and on desktop, Paiva said.

The change comes a few months after people were reported to be using a Google-like sign-in page for phishing attacks that could steal Google account holders’ passwords. That attack involved sending an innocuous-looking email with an attachment that, when clicked on, brought people to a fake sign-in page. But the page didn’t have the usual URL; instead, it had unusual characters at the beginning.

Google services like Gmail, Play, Search, and YouTube have more than 1 billion active users. So it does make sense that Google wants to be up front early on about any changes to the sign-in flow that many people have become accustomed to.

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