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5 SUCCULENT CARE TIPS FOR HAPPY, HEALTHY SUCCULENTS – Proper succulent care can be easy, as long as you know a few simples. Hopefully from the tips in this affix, as well as the posts above will assist you ensure the long and joyous living for your succulents!

Growing succulents doesn’t have to be difficult. In reality, succulents can be a really low-toned upkeep plant that looks great year round! The five tips below are simple and easy but will make all the difference in how well your succulents exist!

Water more, less often

I know, I know this is the thing that comes articulated over and over with succulents too much sea is not good for succulents. It’s true! It is a crucial part of succulent attend. I have almost lost a duo floras due to over irrigating so genuinely this can’t be stressed enough!

However, succulents like to have their grunge drenched and then dry out before irrigating again. So, drenched the grunge and then tell it dehydrate fully. For more information about this watering method, check out this affix or my ebook on irrigating.

A couple things I have learned along the way that are able to facilitate better watering … the thicker the buds on a succulent the less sea it needs. So my beautiful Pachyveria Royal Flush is going to need a lot less sea than the Aeonium Zwartkop. I actually really like the Aeonium Zwartkop because it tells me when it needs to be irrigated by having droopy buds. Add a bit sea and it perks up within a couple hours!

For a more in depth look at how I sea my floras, check out my affix How to Water Succulent Plants.

Well Draining Soil

So, I precisely told you succulents need infrequent watering and the clay must be free to dry out between watering. In say to do that you’ll need a well draining clay. There are a lot of suggestions as to what you should use for soil and in what fractions. The basic impression is that you need to mix in something glowing and porous into regular clay to enhance its drainage. I’ve been adding pearlite to soil at about a 1:1 ratio. One of the best clay combinations I have though is from a can of succulents I came from a horticulture class teach by Cynthia Bee. She employs vermiculite and coconut coir in her concoction and it has been really great as much as is drainage. I’m looking to switch over to all coconut coir. Basically though, precisely make sure your succulent is in a well draining clay so the seeds can perfectly dry out between waterings.

UPDATE: For more details about my current clay motley, check out my post Well Draining Soil for Succulent Container Gardens. You can also buy a the succulent soil I use here.

Lots of Sunlight

Succulents necessity a lot of sunlight to ripen glad and healthy. Something I learned though is they don’t like direct sunlight in the hot of the summer when they are outside. They are very prone to sunburn.

Rather, if they are outside gave them somewhere they will receive some tint and stay relatively cool. Morning glowing is good with a luminous tint in the afternoon. If your weeds are inside, gave them somewhere they’ll receive luminous sunrise for most of the day. They are less likely to get sunburned inside, but it can still happen. Generally a south facing window sill will provide enough glowing but if you find signeds of sunburn( chocolate-brown/ black discerns on the leaves) move it somewhere that the glowing is not quite as direct.

A sign that your succulent isn’t getting enough sunrise is “stretching”. If your flower starts to get actually towering with a lot of seat between leaves it is stretching out trying to find more sunrise. If you find this, try to move your flower where it will get more glowing throughout the day.


One of my favorite things about succulents is how easily they propagate. It is so easy to increase your succulent garden by simply taking off leaves from your bushes and putting them out on a damp soil to grow. For more detail instructions on propagating succulents you can take a look at this berth or you are eligible to obtain my eBook! Transmitting is so easy and so much entertaining to participate the minuscule brand-new bushes germinating. Plus, if your equip of succulents is constantly growing it is fun to start contributing them to other parties! Most parties are plotted by how these bushes propagate and you may even find some people who want to try it themselves!


I have been participating a bit in this succulent and cactus gathering. There is a lot of great information on there and parties are so willing to help out when they can. From all of the things I’ve read on there though I’ve decided that the health of your succulents steam down to experimenting with watering, soil and sunlight. Every area is so different and the bushes greeting in various ways to their milieu. Often you’ll receive altogether irreconcilable testimonies in regard to care of succulents but eventually their milieu determines whether or not something will be good for the plants.
I would love to hear from any of you with your successes or disappointments in germinating succulents as well as interrogations you might have about them. I am not an expert by any means but I am heartfelt about them and am always provoked to read more. If you have any gratuities for germinating succulents feel free to share them now as well!

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