Here are the tech companies that have taken action against hate groups

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A couple of days ago, I took a shot at tech companies that had ignored the role their services had played in enabling white supremacist and neo-nazi groups. Not it appears the Nazi-fueled violence in Charlottesville last weekend prompted a growing number of tech companies to take action.

Here’s a list of known companies that have moved to give hate groups the boot:

1. Facebook: Belatedly took down links to an offensive blog post by Neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer and removed serveral right-wing pages.

2. Spotify: Said it was removing music from groups labeled “hate bands.”

3. Apple: Disabled Apple Pay for several sites selling Nazi and white supremacist memorabilia.

4. PayPal: Took similar steps as Apple.

5. Discord: Cut off access for altright.com.

6. Squarespace: Removed several hate sites from its service.

7. Twitter: Suspended a couple of accounts linked to The Daily Stormer.

8. Cloudflare: Said it would no longer allow Stormer to use its DDoS protection service.

9. GoDaddy: Gave The Daily Stormer website the boot from its service.

10. Google: Also blocked Stormer from registering its site.

11. Coinbase:  Blocked bitcoin transfers to Stormer.

12. Uber: Banned a couple of known white supremacists from its service.

13. Airbnb: Blocked several neo-nazis from using its service for the Unite the Right event in Charlottesville.

Finally, today Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the company was doing $1 million each to the “Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League. We will also match two-for-one our employees’ donations to these and several other human rights groups, between now and September 30. In the coming days, iTunes will offer users an easy way to join us in directly supporting the work of the SPLC.”

In an email to employees, he also wrote:

“What occurred in Charlottesville has no place in our country. Hate is a cancer, and left unchecked it destroys everything in its path. Its scars last generations. History has taught us this time and time again, both in the United States and countries around the world.

We must not witness or permit such hate and bigotry in our country, and we must be unequivocal about it. This is not about the left or the right, conservative or liberal. It is about human decency and morality. I disagree with the president and others who believe that there is a moral equivalence between white supremacists and Nazis, and those who oppose them by standing up for human rights. Equating the two runs counter to our ideals as Americans.

Know of more services that have taken action? Let us me know at obrien@venturebeat.com and we’ll add their names to the list.

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