How Atlassian leverages a CDP to improve customer outreach (VB Live)

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Customer data platforms (CDPs) help marketers run data-based marketing campaigns that yield bigger results. Join this VB Live event to find out how software company Atlassian harnesses the power of their CDP to run complex marketing campaigns that increase sales and loyalty.

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There are more than 5K marketing technology tools out there for marketers to choose from right now — and chances are you’ve already got a handful in your martech stack. But the newest category of technological helpmeet for the marketer, the customer data platform (CDP), is a new breed designed to tackle all the problems that a variety of disconnected tools present.

A CDP essentially creates a neutral hub in the middle of marketers’ tech stack, dragging together all of your fragmented data in a persistent, unified customer database, making traditional workflows easier to manage, and data-driven marketing sexier than ever, which is all you’ve ever wanted in a marketing technology tool, rolled up into one neat package.

Powered by machine-learning algorithms, CDPs take first-party data points and turn them neatly into meaningful insights. The tool is uniquely positioned to help you uncover not just behavioral trends among your customer base, but a look into the future with powerful predictive insights, as well as leverage sophisticated customer segmentation.

A CDP can also help you refine your content marketing strategy by matching relevant, affinity-based content all the way down to the individual user level. And it does it in a completely scalable way, and on the fly, as the CDP updates user data events and immediately adds that customer to the relevant segment, and then sends that information out to all your marketing tools.

In other words, customer action can be immediately turned into a marketing opportunity with content like triggered, personalized emails or dynamic website content and other marketing magic, all synced in real time across your martech tools.

However, getting up and rolling can have a bit of a learning curve, from the crawl stage to the run stage, where you’re building audience segments, testing data-backed insights, and ramping up the complexity of your campaigns — and that sometimes makes marketers hesitate. How quickly can you see a return on your cash and time investment?

Join this VB Live event to learn about why customer-focused software company Atlassian made the decision to turn to a customer data platform, how they chose a platform and then got up and running, and the kind of value they’ve reaped from the complex marketing campaigns that they can now run. Research analyst David Raab will also be on hand to discuss how other companies can use CDPs to harness customer data to increase sales and loyalty.

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In this VB Live event, you will learn:

  • Key considerations when deciding to build versus buy a customer data platform
  • How companies are taking advantage of CDPs for more relevant communications
  • How data science can improve marketing efficacy
  • The trends and market factors driving the need for customer data platforms


  • Jeff Sinclair, Product Manager, Engagement Platform, Atlassian
  • David Raab, Analyst and Founder at The Customer Data Platform Institute
  • Jeff Hardison, VP of Marketing at Lytics
  • Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat

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