How To Take Care Of Rebonded Hair

How To Take Care Of Rebonded Hair
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What Is Hair Rebonding? How To Make Care Of Rebonded Hair. – The heart ever desires what it does not have! So when you look in the wonder and you participate straight “hairs-breadth”, you pray entertaining bend, but when you participate curly “hairs-breadth”, you pray the seductive, stylish straight seem!

Back in the days genetics was the only happening that had any button over this and we had no button over our genes. But today, we have several technologies that can give you the seem you pray with fairly good results.

What Is Hair Rebonding?

Hair rebonding is a procedure that involves chemically unwinding the “hairs-breadth” so that the scroll is also possible moved straight-from-the-shoulder. This therapy is preached for women with voluminous and unmanageable “hairs-breadth”. When done right, the following procedure tameds down the “hairs-breadth” quite well and its effects last-place for a somewhat long time.
Hair rebonding is similar to straightening your “hairs-breadth” with a straightener, but now, elements are used to break the natural attachments of the corps in the “hairs-breadth” and then” they il be” rearranged to get straight “hairs-breadth”. In this aptitude, a relaxant or a softener is used to break the natural attachments in the “hairs-breadth” and then it is followed by the use of a neutralizer to re-bond such structures again, giving you the desired constitution and bonding.

How To Make Care Of Rebonded Hair

Rebonded hair needs a lot more attention than regular “hairs-breadth”. Due to all the chemical medications it has undergone, it requires constant care and protection from damage.

Here are some tips to take care of rebonded whisker :

Do not wet your whisker for three days after the procedure. Yes, it wants greasy whisker and no swimming. The substances have to seep in and colonize. Do not hold your whisker or set it on the back of your ears. The whisker will be in a state where it acquires a condition. When you sleep, make sure your whisker is straight. You don’t want to wake up to curious shaped whisker. Wash your whisker with shampoo and conditioner after three days. Leave the conditioner on your whisker for additional minutes. Avoid usage of any heating tools. That wants no blow drying very. If you are in a the requirements of dehydrating whisker, then use the cool explode of aura option. Do not mess with your whisker for at the least six months- that wants no whisker coloring , no streaks , no highlighting. Your whisker needs to unwind after the high-pitched dose of arranging substances. Trim your whisker on a regular basis. This ensures your whisker remains in top statu. Make sure there are no split ends. You don’t want it to travel up the span and deepen the damage. Use cold water to soap your whisker. Hot water will cheat it of its humidity. Make sure you wash away all the residue as anything left back will result in rub, whisker precipitate, and dandruff. Use a wide toothed whisker combing to divide the ropes. Remove any labyrinths with great care. A wooden combing is preferable as plastic combs are known to create frizz due to static. If your whisker is not greasy or oily, far removed from shampooing every day. You can try alternate periods or try co-washing which wants expending conditioner as shampoo and time cleansing it away. Keep your whisker safe from environmental factors- stern sunlight rays, cold gusts and the sprinkles. Use a hat or an umbrella. Apply a whisker serum regularly. It creates a roadblock between your whisker and the outside and helps protect it better. Use a leave in conditioner. It helps in retaining the humidity and obstructs dryness and frizz away. Use hair cover-ups often or get hair spas done. Your whisker requires humidity and nutrition. In the case that you wet your whisker in the rainfall, soap your whisker as soon as possible. The salts and pollutants from rainwater are highly marring. Follow a nutritious food. A good food consists of seeds, cashews, almonds and lots of fruits and vegetables. These are known to promote health whisker. Do oil your whisker so that it gets some nourishment. First off you need to ensure that your whisker is never very exposed to second-hand sunlight and contamination. Always keep it covered and protected. Rebonded whisker is prone to sun impairment and contamination Do not allow your whisker to dry out. Dry hair is as such fragile, chemically treated cool whisker is even more fragile. Avoid hot water at all times.

The steps are as follows.
First, the whisker is moistened and shampooed. The shampoo used for this pace is relatively mild, and the conditioner is bypassed now as it is applied in the later steps .
Hair is then left to cool naturally or is dried expending a drier expending the medium defining .
Next enters the actual process of rebonding, but before that, whisker is parted and divided into different sections, the number of these slice depends on the thickness and the loudnes of the whisker .
Now the Cream Softener or Relaxant we mentioned earlier is applied to each of the sections separately while keeping the whisker straight-out. Thin plastic boards are used to keep the whisker straight moving sure that the paste is pertained, crossing each and every rope of the whisker .
For ordinary and wavy whisker, the relaxant is left in for nearly 30 min or more. For other whisker characters, like cool and frizzy whisker, the paste can be left on for a little additional period but make sure not to exceed the recommendations of period as it might spoil the whisker .
The next pace is steaming the whisker for 10-40 hours depending upon the texture and the condition of the whisker .
Then the whisker is cleansed and blow dried until it is cool .
Now keratin liniment is applied to your whisker, and a flat cast-iron is used to smooth apart any curls which are left .
Formerly your whisker is satisfactorily straight-out, it is again parted, and a neutraliser is pertained on the whisker to specified the bonds back to stabilise the whisker arrangement .
After leaving the whisker neutraliser for at the least 30 hours, the whisker is cleansed off and then punch dried is again .
Then a whisker serum is applied to your whisker to give your whisker nourishment .
After application of serum, it is ironed .
You are then asked not to moisten your whisker for three days after.
Are your thinking about hair rebonding at home? It is possible, but it is strictly admonished against as a lot of substances are expended and is better done under the supervision of an expert.
Pros Of Hair Rebonding
This one is but self-evident! You have that glossy inspect you have been desiring for all along.
Cons Of Hair Rebonding
The cons are something this is necessary consider more seriously.
Your hair will be subjected to chemical injury during the process no matter how many precautions you make .
Hair can come quite easily after this procedure as the seeds are deteriorated. It got a lot of meticulous handling .
The likelihood of blazes from straightener or the substance ever stands
Stowing your whisker or bind it up tighten can also injury whisker. You will have to keep lose at most seasons .
The touch up will considerably lessen your whisker over each sitting leaving your whisker unusually suggestible to other injuries very .
It is for this reason that people are advised to think about it very carefully before they consent for this procedure.
Products That Can Be Employed On Rebonded Hair
Chemically treated whisker requires some additional attention and it is for this purpose that “were having” makes impelled for this special intent. Here are few you can try.
Schwarzkopf Bonacure Repair Rescue Shampoo
Matrix Opticare Smooth& Straight Shampoo
L’oreal Professionnel Liss Ultime Shampoo
Tell us about your experience with whisker rebonding in the comments region below. Stay gorgeous!

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