In rainbows

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CREDIT: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was scheduled to testify publicly before the House and Senate appropriation committees on Tuesday. Over the weekend, he canceled those plans, citing concern that he would be asked about Russian interference in the 2016 election. But after facing a wave of criticism, he again reversed course and said he would hold Tuesday’s hearing in public.

ICYMI: New French President (and Trump foe) Emmanuel Macron had a pretty good weekend: his brand-new party swept to victory in Sunday’s election.

CREDIT: AP Photo/David Goldman

It’s been a year since the Pulse massacre. One queer Black Muslim reflects on how the tragedy has impacted his life — and, while we’re on the topic, here’s how to create space for queer Muslims in the United States.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is marking Pride month by praising the leaders of homophobic groups.

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CNN’s decision to cancel Muslim scholar Reza Aslan’s show after he insulted Trump tells us a lot about “objective” journalism.

Uber may remove its CEO over harassment allegations.

Once again, the United States declines to lead on climate action.


“People are now loudly saying, ‘it’s not okay to be gay, and we’re not going to protect you.’ It’s definitely been a wake-up call — people realize that this is still an issue.”

— Ashley Dai, a former tennis player at the University of North Carolina and one of many athletes campaigning for queer rights

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