J.R. Smith Gives Wonderfully Professional Answer For Wandering Off Court to Hug Jason Terry During Game

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J.R. Smith gave up an uncontested dunk late in the 2nd quarter of Tuesday night’s Cavs – Bucks game. Smith didn’t so much lose his man as he wandered away to give Jason Terry a hug in the middle of a play. After the game, Smith addressed the media while wearing a ski mask and hood. His explanation for the play? “I didn’t know I was in the game.”

Smith is 3-for-29 in the last three games. Including 3-for-24 from three.

It should be noted that this wasn’t at the beginning or end of a game. Again, this was late in the 2nd quarter. These teams had warmed up on the same court and played almost half a basketball game when this happened. And Smith and Terry had been on the court together for more than 4 minutes in the 1st quarter. I guess the fact that they passed like ships in the night earlier in the 2nd when Smith entered the game at the same time Terry subbed out made the two veterans long for each other’s embrace.

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