Joe McKnight's Shooter Released from Custody Without Charges, Investigation Ongoing

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Former USC and New York Jets player Joe McKnight was shot and killed in the street in Tarrytown, Louisiana, near New Orleans on Thursday after an apparent road rage incident. A witness told that the shooter shot McKnight, then stood over him while he was on the ground, said, “I told you don’t you f— with me,” and shot him again.

It would certainly seem from the outside, considering that authorities didn’t find a gun on McKnight or in his car, that this is a crime. Nevertheless, Ronald Gasser, a 54-year old white man who the police say is McKnight’s shooter, was released from custody overnight and has not as of yet faced formal charges. The investigation is ongoing.

While the sheriff’s department told TMZ that Gasser “definitely” shot McKnight, they said that there remain “questions about the circumstances surrounding what led up to it.” The case may go to the grand jury or district attorney, who would then decide if charges are brought.

Unless authorities have information that they have thus far withheld from the press, it seems like a curious decision to let Gasser walk free at this moment.

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