Mayor fights to keep plant jobs in Batesville

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BATESVILLE, Miss. — Batesville Mayor Jerry Autry is working hard to keep about 200 jobs put.

In March, the Batesville Casket Company plant is set to head south of the border to Mexico.

“Anytime the community loses jobs, it loses revenue. People don`t have money to spend here.”

Autry said he’s determined not to let that happen.

“200 jobs is like a 1,000 jobs to a bigger city.”

Autrey said he’s encouraged by recent news of Carrier’s decision to keep 1,000 jobs in Indiana.

“The Trump era. He`s already had something to do with the plant in Indiana with Carrier, so why not — I want to try to get involved to maybe to help save our plant in Batesville.”

The mayor said he`s not opposed to getting President-Elect Donald Trump himself involved. He said he just needs the contacts to reach out to his transition team.

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