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Mix-and-match icing

Mix-and-match icing
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Lemon cream cheese icing

Mix 250g reduced-fat cream cheese with 1/3 cup icing sugar and 2 tablespoons lemon juice. Mix until smooth. Try this on our gorgeous Gluten-free celebration cakes.

Glacé icing

Mix 2 cups icing sugar with enough water to make a smooth, quite thick icing. This icing works well on Blackcurrant yoghurt cakes.

Ready-rolled icing

It will take 500g ready-rolled icing to cover a round or square Classic Christmas cake.

To use icing, knead block on a work surface that is lightly dusted with icing sugar. Then roll out to fit size of cake. Lift on top of cake and smooth down. Cut off any excess around edges.

Sugared fresh fruits

To give fruit a decorative frosted look, dunk fruits in egg whites, then coat in sugar. Shake off any excess and leave fruit to dry on non-stick baking paper.

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