Mobile ad tech firm Glispa acquires playable ads startup JustAd

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Mobile ad tech firm Glispa has acquired JustAd, a maker of playable ads, for an undisclosed price. Glispa also revealed that it has a new CEO, Itamar Benedy, who replaced founding CEO Gary Lin.

Berlin-based Glispa has acquired five companies in 24 months, making it one of the most acquisitive companies in the consolidating ad-tech market today. It has become a one-stop shop for performance marketing, allowing advertisers to reach thousands of mobile game and app publishers around the world. Glispa’s job is to figure out how effective an advertisement is at getting a user and then learn precisely how valuable that user is.

Tel Aviv-based JustAd has created a platform that allows game developers and app makers to create playable ads, or those that give a slice of the actual gameplay experience or app experience that a user will get. Such interactive ads are relatively new compared to banner ads and video ads, but they’re becoming increasingly popular.

Above: JustAd makes playable ads.

Image Credit: Glispa

JustAd created the tech platform to enable brands and agencies to easily create, serve, and analyze playable ads. justAd boosts ad results by allowing the creation of dynamic, interactive creatives at scale. These more engaging ads let brands and agencies to reach past
“banner blindness syndrome,” where people are ignoring banner ads. The playable ads result in real communication and improve performance, said Benedy, in an interview with VentureBeat.

“JustAd is another product that brands and agencies can use to increase revenue and improve user experience,” Benedy said. “We were looking in the creative technology space, and JustAd had the team and the technology.”

Many blue-chip brands have run campaigns with JustAd on a global scale. Benedy said that JustAd will integrate into a variety of existing Glispa products, including Glispa’s native programmatic ad exchange Avocarrot as well as Glispa’s performance network. It will also integrate with Glispa’s proprietary data management platform to gather and provide updated consumer insights.

Above: JustAd executive team.

Image Credit: Glispa

“I would like to thank all of our loyal customers that are working with us for such long time. We are extremely excited to join the great team at Glispa, with significantly more resources than we had until now,” said Yariv Erel, cofounder and CEO of JustAd, in a statement. “This deal will allow us to take our platform to a whole new level, with much more innovation in it.”

Glispa has more than 260 employees around the world, and. Erel and Shahar Talmi founded JustAd in 2008. It is led today by Erel; Noam Shapira, vice president of research and development; and Tsvika Vagman, chief revenue officer. JustAd has 10 employees.

Benedy came from Market Tech Holdings, which acquired Glispa three years ago. At first, Market Tech bought a majority stake in Glispa. About a year ago, it bought the remaining shares. Lin, the former CEO, sold his stake and joined a new venture. Benedy was running strategy for Glispa, and he became CEO four months ago.

“We are actively looking to acquire companies in the ad tech space,” Benedy said.

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