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CREDIT: Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Last night’s Oscars were quite the event. La La Land was mistakenly awarded Best Picture — before producers rushed the stage to reveal the real winner, the queer, black, near-perfect coming-of-age movie Moonlight. Some conservative snowflakes were outraged, calling the award an act of “political correctness.” Of course, Moonlight’s win doesn’t change the grim reality facing queer people of color, something another Oscar-nominated film made painfully clear.

CREDIT: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

The Trump administration is pushing a budget that will will slash funding for virtually everything in order to beef up defense — a move that could seriously compromise global and national security.

Last week, dozens of headstones were overturned in a Philadelphia Jewish cemetery, after a similar occurrence in St. Louis. Today, bomb threats have been made against Jewish centers and schools in at least 11 states —for the fifth time this year.

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An Egyptian-born, French Holocaust scholar was “mistakenly detained” at a U.S. airport — for 10 hours.

Jen Ramos is the first openly non-binary executive in pro sports, and they are already shutting down misconceptions about genderqueer people.

Former President George W. Bush thinks a special prosecutor should be appointed to investigate Trump and has defended the Constitution against the current administration.


“Bring me one woman who has been left behind. Bring me one. There’s not one … The fact of the matter is this is a trampling on religious freedom and religious liberty in this country.”

— Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price, who is not here for your birth control needs

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