Mulberry For Medical And Health For Body

Mulberry For Medical And Health For Body
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Mulberry or Latin name is Morus aklba L is one of the plants that originated from China and these plants can grow well in the area which reaches a height of more than 100 m, and these plants need plenty of sunshine.

In the language of Sumatra mulberry called kerta and kitau, in Chinese called Sangye, in vietnam language called Maymon and dau tam, in the Java language called murbain and in English disawebut as mulberry.

The content contained in mulberry, among others ecdysterone, inokosterone, lupeol, betasitosterol, routine, moracetin, isoquersetin, scopoletin, copolin, alpha, betahexenal, cis beta hexenol, cis lamda hexenol, benzaidehide, eugenol, lanaloolbenzyl alcohol, butylamine, acetone, trigonelline , choline, adenine, copper, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin C, carotene, amino acids, clorogenik, fumarate, folic acid, formyltetrahydrofolik, mioinositol and phytoestrogren.

The characteristics of the mulberry contains, among others, has a height of approximately 4-5 meters, the trunk is filled with yellowish spots, it reaches 15 cm cross section, single leaves alternate location as well as long-stemmed reach 1-4 cm, flower-shaped compound bunches and out of the armpit of leaves and flower colors are white, light green mulberries and if the fruit is ripe color to black.

The benefits of mulberry for health including lowering cholesterol the body, enhance immunity, regulate LADAR sugar, anemia, eye health, cancer prevention, cleanse the blood, reducing the risk of blood clots and stroke, mencgeah flu, heart health, increase appetite and mepercepat recovery ,

Mulberry leaves can also treat injuries due to snake bites and also can treat high blood pressure and swollen legs. How to treat wounds due to snake bites among others, wash the mulberry leaves to clean first, then gilingkan until smooth, then pour the water and stir until evenly, then disaringkan and diperaskan, then drink.

And how to treat high blood pressure and swelling of the legs, the way is dry mulberry leaves thoroughly, then rebuskan with water, wait for approximately 15 minutes, then lift and wait until the water is cold first, then saringkan and take water, then share water tesebut into two parts, and drink. Do this regularly to drink twice a day.

You need to know avoid the use of mulberry when you are experiencing diarrhea and deficiency of spleen and stomach as well as suffering from yin deficiency.

Well, that sense of mulberry and mulberry content, features and benefits of mulberry mulberry to health. And there are also ways to treat high blood pressure, leg swelling and treat a snake bite wound using mulberry leaves. Good luck at home and hopefully useful to you, thanks.

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