Nuance unveils AI assistant and smart speaker for doctors

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Nuance Communications today unveiled its Dragon Medical AI assistant and smart speaker to help doctors do things like edit health records, review patient charts, and fill prescriptions with their voice.

Nuance has previously made virtual assistants for brands like Ford, General Motors, FedEx, and American Airlines.

Building on the Dragon Medical app for speech-to-text dictation, the AI assistant can access more than 150 electronic health record services. Beyond recording notes about a patient, the Dragon Medical assistant can serve up patient summaries, schedule appointments, dive into lab test results, or review pre-existing conditions or prescriptions.

In addition to interaction with physicians, nurses, and other clinicians through a smart speaker, the Dragon Medical AI assistant can be reached through Windows PCs and apps for iOS and Android smartphones.

Final pricing for the speaker, which does not yet have a name, as well as the Dragon Medical assistant have not yet been determined, Nuance VP Peter Durlach told VentureBeat.

This is Nuance’s first smart speaker, but don’t expect to see it on store shelves alongside the new Amazon Echo any time soon. The speaker, which has not yet been named, will be sold directly to health care providers through traditional enterprise channels, Durlach said.

Above: A Dragon Health virtual assistant smart speaker

Image Credit: Nuance Communications

The launch of the Dragon AI assistant is the latest recent effort to put natural language processing to work to improve human health. Last month, major medical associations backed the Human Diagnosis Project, which seeks to provide the poor with specialist care assisted by natural language processing.

A few weeks ago Doc.ai raised $2.3 million in the pre-sale of its Ethereum-based cryptocurrency Neurons. The company plans to make services that answer questions about an individual’s blood test results, genomics tests, or medicine prescribed by a doctor.

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