Oracle offers enterprises new serverless and container tools for building modern apps

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Oracle continued its investment in the software container ecosystem today with the announcement of new cloud services and an open source project that’s aimed at helping companies modernize their application development and operation processes.

On the cloud front, Oracle unveiled a new managed Container Engine service for running multi-container applications that’s based on Kubernetes, the open source orchestration software that originated with Google. The company’s new Oracle Container Registry service is designed to provide a repository for all the different software containers that companies use.

The company also unveiled a new continuous integration and deployment service that’s designed to help customers more rapidly deploy code for their applications, something in keeping with modern development practices. It’s called Oracle Container Pipelines, and is based on the company’s acquisition of Wercker earlier this year.

In addition, the company announced Fn, an open source framework for building serverless functions that can run just in time on a wide variety of cloud platforms, without requiring that users manage the underlying infrastructure used to run the code that they write. Oracle plans to develop its own service using Fn, but customers will be able to use it on other platforms as well.

All told, these services and features help bring Oracle in line with its competitors in the cloud space like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft. Development and testing workloads are among the first that businesses usually migrate to the cloud, which means it should be easier to draw customers into using these offerings.

One of the key points with this launch is Oracle’s embrace of the open source developer tools ecosystem. The Container Engine service will use standard Kubernetes, and Fn will be fully open source.

Container Engine is built on Oracle’s second generation bare metal infrastructure-as-a-service offering, which will provide companies with a high-powered substrate for their applications.

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