With quite a few people of note in the audience (A, B, and C-list)— including Wayne Newton, Scott Baio, Ted Danson, Dr. Ben Carson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jesse Jackson, Cecile Richards, and Mark Cuban—the third and final presidential debate at UNLV had the air of a prize-fight. And why not? Sure, both “The Donald,” who said “disaster” 30 million… (0 comment)

This country never ceases to amaze. Incredibly, a memorial sign that marks the place where a just-turned 14-year-old Emmett Till‘s mutilated body was discovered in a Mississippi river in 1955 is again riddled with bullet holes, according to a report by the New York Daily News. We all mourn the tragic story of Till, a… (0 comment)

Your browser does not support iframes. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton battled each other during their third and final debate on Wednesday night. Towards the end of the debate, moderated by Fox News’ Chris Wallace, Trump refused to say he will accept the election results if he does not win. The unprecedented statement drew a gasp from those… (0 comment)

In a controversial but anticipated move, the board of directors of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People ratified a moratorium on charter school expansion on Oct. 15. This move comes three months after delegates to the NAACP’s national convention in Cincinnati voted to adopt the resolution. Many in the Black community, even longtime… (0 comment)

Two young Black women from Ohio can be seen stumping for Donald Trump in a documentary series produced by Dateline, an Australian news magazine show. ShoMore DeNiro and her friend Justis Harrison offer unwavering, emphatic support akin to that of “Diamond” and “Silk,” two sisters who have publicly campaigned for Trump. DeNiro and Harrison appear in a short segment of… (0 comment)

Your browser does not support iframes. As Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton enter the homestretch of this year’s presidential election cycle, the two candidates addressed a number of issues that could have drastic implications long after Election Day. During their third and final debate, Clinton and Trump clashed over the Supreme Court, abortion, the Second Amendment,… (0 comment)

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Your browser does not support iframes. This year’s election cycle will go down as one of the most polarizing in the history of the United States, primarily for the rhetoric Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has used in his rise to prominence. The ongoing string of false statements, racially charged rhetoric, proclamations the election is rigged before… (0 comment)

(Editor’s note: The above video contains explicit language.) A startling on-camera confrontation shows a White man hurling racial slurs at a noted journalist, WYFF reports. Steve Crump, a Black veteran reporter for WBTV in Charlotte, North Carolina, was called the N-word while on assignment in Charleston, South Carolina, on October 8. Crump and his photographer, Devin Futrelle,… (0 comment)

The Milwaukee cop who fatally shot 23-year-old Sylville Smith, sparking angry protests, faces sex assault charges in at least one incident that took place while the demonstrations were going on. The officer, Dominique Heaggan-Brown, was charged Thusday with sexually assaulting two incapacitated men, taking nude photos of unsuspecting victims and trying to pay for sex,… (0 comment)
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