The Milwaukee cop who fatally shot 23-year-old Sylville Smith, sparking angry protests, faces sex assault charges in at least one incident that took place while the demonstrations were going on. The officer, Dominique Heaggan-Brown, was charged Thusday with sexually assaulting two incapacitated men, taking nude photos of unsuspecting victims and trying to pay for sex,… (0 comment)

Despite all the outlandish racial remarks GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has made throughout his campaign, he still doesn’t consider himself a racist. During a campaign rally in Ohio, when asked how he felt about being labeled a sexist and racist, The Donald cut the interview short. “Nineteen days out from the election, you’ve been labeled… (0 comment)

Administrators at Seattle’s Franklin High School caused a furor when they asked their African-American students to sign a pledge called Keepin’ It 100, which would require them to take responsibility for their education, Q13-Fox reports. By signing the covenant, the Black students promise to arrive to school on time, graduate and prepare for college. They… (0 comment)

Hillary Clinton is set to meet with prominent Black Lives Matter activists DeRay Mckesson and Brittany Packnett in Cleveland on Friday, according to Bloomberg. “I’m looking forward to the conversation w/ @HillaryClinton today,” Mckesson tweeted on Friday. I’m looking forward to the conversation w/ @HillaryClinton today, following up on the previous in-person meeting. — deray mckesson… (0 comment)

Your browser does not support iframes. There’s a battle going on in the Black community. The NAACP and The Movement for Black Lives, a group of 50 organizations assembled by Black Lives Matter, called for a moratorium on new charter schools this month, declaring they promote segregation and disrupt Black communities.  But pro-choice organization Black Alliance for… (0 comment)

Activists and family members continue to call for justice in the Laquan McDonald case, and joined together on the anniversary of the 17-year-old’s death at the hands of Chicago police two years ago. According to The Chicago Reporter, more than 100 gathered on Thursday for an evening vigil outside the Chicago Police Department with renewed calls… (0 comment)

A 58-year-old Chicago woman fought off an attempted rapist by beating him unconscious with a crowbar, Fox 32 reports. “All I know is somebody grabbed my hair. He kept saying, ‘don’t look at me b—-, I’m the Grim Reaper,” Angela Ferguson, the alleged victim, told the television news outlet about the attack on Monday. “So he… (0 comment)

A 15-year-old Brooklyn high school student told The Atlantic that his skin color is an obstacle to getting good grades. Zion Agostini explained that, as a Black male, the cops target him for stop and frisks on the way to school. When he enters the school building, Agostini must empty his pocket before passing through… (0 comment)
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