Man drops ring, shoots girlfriend to death after she rejects marriage proposal: police
GREENSBURG, Ind.– An Indiana man is facing a murder charge after allegedly admitting to killing his girlfriend. Jason Eaton, 43, walked into the Greensburg Police Department on Tuesday with a woman and asked to talk to an officer. He told the officer he had killed his girlfriend, later identified as Wendy Sabatini, according to court… (0 comment)

The incumbent Republican senator from Illinois Mark Kirk made a major misstep during a debate with a racially-charged comment about his opponent’s heritage. During Thursday night’s debate between Kirk and Rep. Tammy Duckworth, Duckworth said, “My family has served this nation in uniform, going back to the Revolution. I’m a daughter of the American Revolution.… (0 comment)

The United Nations’ human rights office says the Islamic State group appears to be using tens of thousands of civilians in and around the Iraqi city of Mosul as “human shields.” It has received reports of more than 200 people being killed for refusing to comply with IS orders or previously belonging to Iraqi security… (0 comment)

When Microsoft released the touchscreen-friendly Windows 8 about four years ago, just about every PC manufacturer started making computers with displays we could poke and prod. But not Apple. When it came to touchscreens for desktops and laptops, Apple CEO Tim Cook once famously called Windows PC vendors “confused.” Now, Apple has finally began to… (0 comment)

Images of smoke plumes rising over the Iraqi desert as troops move to liberate Mosul from ISIS may seem very far removed from life in Europe. But the turmoil could spill into the continent as the offensive puts both refugees and foreign jihadists on the move, and strains delicate relations with Turkey. The most urgent… (0 comment)

Apple’s latest big iPhone software release, iOS 10, has plenty of great features. But one tweak is driving folks mad: The Mail app now defaults to showing email in threads, often making it tougher to handle complicated conversations. Is anyone else pulling their hair out over the iPhone update when it comes to reading emails???… (0 comment)

The stats from our first-ever festival recycling initiative are in, and they’re stunning! The initiative, spearheaded by GrowNYC, a nonprofit that aims to improve New York City’s quality of life through environmental programs, helped us divert 45 percent of the festival’s estimated 2035 pounds of total waste (including trash and recycling) from the landfill! That’s over 900 pounds… (0 comment)

We’re really liking Belle Reve, and the Google description of Belle Reve: “Original cocktails & American fare with modern twists served in dimly lit digs with a central bar.” We’re also really liking Belle Reve’s Belle Burger Sliders. And I mean, really liking. Try them tomorrow at the festival! Belle Reve’s Belle Burger Slider… (0 comment)
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