Pinterest passes 200 million monthly users, up from 150 million last year

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Pinterest has announced that it now has 200 million monthly active users (MAUs).

For context on the company’s growth in recent years, the company hit 100 million monthly users exactly two years ago, before hitting 150 million users about a year later, 175 million users around six months later, and now 200 million users as of now.

In short, Pinterest is nabbing new users at a rate of roughly 50 million a year.

Though its growth pales compared to other social platform such as Facebook and Instagram, it’s still a fairly impressive growth rate for a company that came into existence around seven years ago.

Pinterest has now raised around $1.5 billion in equity funding, the most recent tranche coming back in June, with the $150 million raise valuing the company at around $12 billion — about the same as its 2015 valuation.

Reports from earlier this year suggest that Pinterest could be on track to earn more than $500 million in revenue through advertising in 2017, and although the company hasn’t revealed its future plans, it will likely chase an IPO in the next year or two.

More than half of Pinterest’s users are outside the U.S. too, according to the company, which stands the company in good stead from a global revenue-generating perspective.


In other news, Pinterest announced a number of new features are coming shortly, including “boards within boards” which allow users to divide the main board into sub-sections to better arrange their pins.

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