PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has sold 10 million copies in 6 months

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Bluehole announced today that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has hit the 10 million sold milestone. The Battle Royale multiplayer shooter has been available for PC in Early Access since March.

That is a lot of games to sell before an official release, but PUBG has become a special kind of hit. It even managed to have more simultaneous players online on Steam than Dota 2, which has long been the king of that platform. According to Bluehole, PUBG’s highest concurrent players count reached 970,000.

There’s really no reason why PUBG’s success should slow down. The game just had its first major esports event, the PUBG Invitational, last month. PUBG is also planning a launch on Xbox One by the end of 2017. Releasing on a home console can open the shooter up to a new audience of gamers.

“It is amazing and gratifying to see the love and support the passionate fans have shown to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds,” stated Chang Han Kim, vice president and executive producer for Bluehole, in a press release sent to GamesBeat. “Watching the thrilling moments during the PUBG Invitational with the great feedback from viewers is a realization of the continuing popularity of PUBG, and our team is working diligently to bring a solid gameplay experience for full launch on the PC and Xbox One Game Preview versions later this year.”

Already, other studios are trying to follow PUBG’s success. Even Grand Theft Auto Online has introduced its own Battle Royale mode. With PUBG’s big sales, expect to see more clones coming soon.

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