Roundup: Clinton, Trump Aides Get Nasty; Crime and Nickelback; Bad Xmas Gifts

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Clinton and Trump aides got into a fierce battle at Harvard … Rosie O’Donnell apologized to Melania Trump for her comments about Barron … John Kruk replacing Matt Stairs in the Phillies broadcasting booth … Goalie makes 98 saves in one game … Darrelle Revis reportedly doesn’t want to play anymore … Canada is punishing drunk drivers by forcing them to listen to Nickelback … Malik Jackson sounds fired up to play the Broncos … Carrier getting $7 million in tax breaks to stay in Indiana … Trump’s going to have a hard time following through on all his campaign promises … Buzz Aldrin recovering after being evacuated from the South Pole … Make sure to call Selena Gomez before she takes a 90-day break from her phone … This beaver has plenty of Christmas spirit … Sarah Spain compiled some harrowing stories of sexual harassment in sports media …Miles Bridges is injured because why not … A new practical purpose for magic mushrooms … Not ALL men give bad gifts … Everyone has a plan to solve the fake news problem … James Mattis will be Secretary of DefenseWhy late-night television will never die … Luke Bryan vs. fan … Katy Perry.

Getting rid of smokeless tobacco in baseball won’t happen overnight. [USA Today]

Just put these James Harden socks on my holiday wish list. [Outside Game]

This might slow the Keith Ellison train. [Talking Points Memo]

Startup plans soft opening on the moon. [Wall Street Journal]

Golf looks fun. Dangerous, but fun.

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Pray for Alisyn Camerota.

Deron Williams put Frank Kaminsky in a spin cycle.

Baseball season can’t come soon enough.

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