Roundup: RIP Florence Henderson; Quit Social Media Today; Lindsey Vonn's New Man

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Florence Henderson, dead at 82 …  Fatal shootings of police officers skyrocketed this year … Romney vs. Giuliani for Secretary of State … How Taylor Swift spent her holiday … Child born on side of highwayGame of Thrones wines are a thing … Mass shooting at an annual Thanksgiving Day football game .. Secret Service may take over two floors of Trump TowerHundreds still protesting the Dakota Pipeline Access … Tom Izzo apologized to his players for creating a brutal schedule … Imagine how much JerryWorld would have cost if it provided shade from the sun … Mall Santa gets punished for putting Hillary Clinton on naughty list … This is how Trump could truly change WashingtonAretha Franklin’s 4-minute, 35-second national anthem hit the over … One big player in fake news admits that targeting liberals is a waste of timeAnd fake news certainly had an impact this year.

It’s Black Friday so the best thing to do is stay inside all day. [USA Today]

Why quitting social media may be the best thing to do. [New York Times]

Mia Khalifa joined the Redskins in taking an L yesterday. [BroBible]

ISIS car bombing in Iraq kills 73. [Yahoo]

Jimmy Kimmel held a politically correct Thanksgiving pageant.

This is the hero Australia needs.

Pat McAfee certainly enjoyed his fake-punt pass.

My Chemical Romance — “Welcome to the Black Parade”

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