Samsung launches Star Wars-themed PowerBot vacuum cleaners in the guise of Darth Vader and Stormtrooper

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On the same day as fans the world over were teased with a trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie, Samsung has sought to align itself with the insanely popular film franchise by launching a limited edition Star Wars-themed vacuum cleaner.

That’s right, the Korean electronics giant has announced a duo of new PowerBot robot vacuum cleaners, a spin-off from the VR7000 Samsung unveiled at CES in Las Vegas earlier this year, with Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper taking center stage.

Above: Suck it up, Darth

By way of a quick recap, the VR7000 is a robot vacuum cleaner that you can be left to clean your home off its own volition. Yes, it can move around on its own sucking up all your dust and dirt, but it can also remember specific corners and contours of a room so it improves over time, while it can detect different surfaces and adjust its suction accordingly. It can also be controlled via smartphone, with users able to schedule cleaning times through an app, and use voice commands through Amazon Echo.

The geeky Star Wars refresh is more than just looks, however. Both models come with “fun and unique” sound effects specific to each character — by way of example, the Darth Vader vacuum apparently makes a heavy breathing sound when you power it up.

In addition to getting permission (presumably) from Disney, the Star Wars-franchise owner, Samsung said it also worked closely with Star Wars “super fans” during the development.

The Darth Vader incarnation goes on pre-order today in the U.S. for $800, and it comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and its own remote. Stormtrooper will set you back $100 less, but that version doesn’t have Wi-Fi or its own remote.

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