Songbringer sings an indie sci-fi RPG tune on Xbox and PC on September 1

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Indie action role-playing game Songbringer is on-trend with its pixel art, procedural generation, and a protagonist with a mysterious past. It’s a sci-fi adventure with swords and robots, and it’ll be available on Xbox and PC on September 1 and on PlayStation 4 on September 5.

Nathanael Weiss designed, wrote, and developed Songbringer under his studio name, Wizard Fu. He draws inspiration from classic RPGs like The Legend of Zelda, but hopes to provide a modern twist. The main character, Roq, crash-lands on a strange planet and accidentally awakens an ancient evil. In order to defeat it and save the universe, he battles his way through dungeons and discover secrets and hidden items. At the start, you can enter a random mishmash of letters that generates a randomized world for you to explore. Accompanying you on your quest is a robot sidekick, which a second player can control through local co-op.

Weiss designed multiple ways to take on Songbringer. Players can toggle a roguelike permadeath option. He also said in an interview with GamesBeat that he hopes to see the speedrunning community pick up the game to give its procedurally generated dungeons a go.

Songbringer’s publisher is Double Eleven, which brought indie hits like Prison Architect to consoles.

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