Super Mario Odyssey is coming October 27 — watch the trailer

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Mario has the power to take over your soul.

Super Mario Odyssey is coming out this October, and the company revealed some new gameplay mechanics.

In the new trailer, Nintendo showed Mario’s new power: the ability of possession. If Mario throws his hat on an enemy, he can take it over. For example, if Mario puts hits hat on a koopa, a dinosaur, or a car — he becomes that object and the koopa, dinosaur, and car will grow a mustache.

Super Mario Odyssey is Nintendo taking the franchise back to its 3D roots. The publisher has previously promised that the game will have a more sandbox style that recalls Super Mario 64.

Nintendo launched the Switch in March with the megahit The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. But the company also promised from the beginning to roll out Super Mario Odyssey this holiday.

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