Tales of the Rays promises to be an actual Tales game for iOS and Android

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Bandai Namco has released Tales of the Rays for iOS and Android today. It’s a new entry in the popular Japanese role-playing game series that touts similar graphics and action as its console and PC counterparts.

The Tales series is one of the more popular in the JRPG genre, with the franchise selling more than 16 million games worldwide. Most of those have been on consoles, with recent entries like Tales of Berseria also coming out on PC.

The series has had mobile releases before, but they’ve mostly been crossover games featuring characters from different titles in the franchise’s past. Tales of Rays is touting itself as a classic Tales experience for mobile. It certainly looks like a traditional Tales game in its trailer.

Tales of the Rays is still a free-to-play game, though. You use in-game currency (which you can also buy with real money) to unlock weapons and special attacks. This could be a sore spot with RPG purists, as it smells a little of “pay-to-win.” If you log in during the game’s first 20 days, you at least get 1,000 Mirrogems for free.

I have no idea if that’s a lot of Mirrogems.

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