Tech workers generally make more in Silicon Valley, even when adjusted for cost of living

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The idea that you’ll take home more money by leaving the expensive Bay Area is one of the big selling points for Heartland cities. However, a new report from job site Indeed finds that most software engineers and developers are better off going where the paycheck is highest upfront.

Indeed calculated the average salary for all tech jobs using annual salary information posted on its site between August 2016 and July 2017 in 25 metro areas, adjusting for each metro’s cost of living using data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. The top two spots belong to Charlotte and Atlanta, where the average salary for a tech worker, adjusted for cost of living, is $108,178 and $104,454 respectively.

However, prominent tech hubs like Austin, San Francisco, Seattle, and San Jose don’t far fall behind. The average salary for a tech worker in San Jose is $126,937 — when adjusted for cost of living, that drops to $102,286. Meaning that you would likely only take home $6,000 more each year — when you’re already making six figures — if you moved to take a tech job in Charlotte instead.

“For the most part, you don’t need to make a trade-off between where you will find more options for tech jobs and where adjusted salaries are highest,” Jed Kolko, Indeed’s chief economist, tells VentureBeat.

Two places where this isn’t the case: New York and Washington, D.C., both large metro areas, albeit ones where tech doesn’t make up as large of a portion of the local economy. The average salary for a tech worker in New York and D.C. is  $112,101, and $111,980. But when adjusted for cost of living, that number drops to $91,961 and $94,022. That adjusted salary is a few thousand dollars below the adjusted salary tech workers make in places like Minneapolis and Denver.

Indeed also calculated the metro areas where salaries go the furthest for 17 different occupations. For the majority of the occupations, the place with the highest adjusted salary is likely on the West Coast. One of the most surprising additions on the list is Huntsville, Alabama, the metro area where a software engineer will have the highest adjusted salary, according to Indeed data.

Though the metro area only has a population of about 440,000, it’s home to alarge army base, NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, and a large aerospace manufacturing center from Boeing. Kolko did caution that there wasn’t much separation between the first and second place metro for each job occupation , meaning that Seattle, San Francisco, San Jose, and Austin are still likely the places where workers in the below occupations will take home the most cash.

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