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The Incredible Lightbulb Shortage of 2017

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“I don’t have to blow up everything I see. I just like to.” ~ Kell TainerWraith Squadron


Every so often I go through a crazy phase. It gets all intense and then I blow stuff up.

Not that I mean to. I don’t! But stuff blows up anyway. Mostly lightbulbs, although it makes me nervous to handle anything electrical. It’s a psychic thing. Energy seems to build up inside me. I even begin to smell ‘electrical’. It usually starts with poor sleep, then crazy dreams. Progressively I become more and more ‘wired’, then I begin to feel intensely hot and then ‘boom’. Look out lightbulbs!

I’ve tried grounding, using crystals, all kinds of techniques – but experience has shown me that it’s always a passing phase, and eventually it will all settle down and in a few days electrical items will be safe around me again.

Yesterday I blew up nine lightbulbs around my house. All I had to do was touch a switch to turn one on or off and ping, the bulb would blow. It was funny the first time. But after I’d exhausted every spare bulb in the house and all the rooms were in semi-darkness I was a bit over it.

Ben even insisted that he be the one to operate all switches, which I guess was a fair call given that I had become such a hazard. He’s used to this. It happens every year or so.

Has that ever happened to you?

This morning we’re taking Cafe Dog to breakfast and then going in search of more lightbulbs. I might stock up!

Have a fabulous weekend,

Much love, Nicole  xoxo

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