Tim Tebow, Other Future Big Leaguers, Banned From Using Smokeless Tobacco

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Tim Tebow, who does not use smokeless tobacco of any kind, will not be able to pick up the bad habit should he make the major leagues. Smokeless tobacco will be banned by Major League Baseball under the terms of the new collective bargaining agreement according to the Boston Globe.

Earlier this year Chicago joined a handful of other cities and banned smokeless tobacco at sports venues, upsetting members of the Cubs. Current MLB players who use smokeless tobacco will be grandfathered into their use in cities that still allow it. One player who won’t is Chris Sale who revealed that he quit chewing tobacco the day that Tony Gwynn died.

The grandfather clause will also be interesting to watch as this generation of players starts to retire and wistful stories will be written about a bygone era when men were men and Americans were allowed to do what they wanted where they wanted and when they wanted. It was estimated that 25-30% of MLB players still used smokeless tobacco, which has been banned in the minor leagues since 1993.

So who will be the Craig MacTavish of using smokeless tobacco in Major League Baseball? We will surely post about it on this website when we find out 10-20 years from now.

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