Total War: Warhammer II — the High Elves storm a citadel

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In The Creative Assembly‘s new real-time strategy game, you can play four different races in a battle for control of the Warhammer fantasy world. The Sega-owned developer will launch Total War: Warhammer II on Steam on the PC on September 28. I’ve had a chance to play it for around 20 hours or so, and here’s a video that captures one of my siege battles.

In my first official campaign, I chose to play as the High Elves, the faction that embraces magic and tends to look down on the less civilized races. In earlier campaigns, I also played as the Lizardmen and the Skaven, or the rat people. I’m still in the midst of reviewing the game, but here’s a good look at a battle where the High Elves, led by Tyrion, take on a rival faction for control of the citadel at Vaul’s Anvil.

In this battle, my faction far outnumbers the enemy. I could have won a close victory by choosing an auto battle, but I decided to fight it out instead. I had a total of three armies, including two that were close enough to serve as reinforcements. I built up some siege towers and battering rams, And I launched them at the walls. Now the play isn’t particularly skillful, as I had a few too many units to look after. But my veteran soldiers did the job nevertheless.

They scaled the walls and took the strategic points within the citadel. I’m having a lot of fun playing this campaign, which has each race vying for control of a giant vortex. I’ve made it through a few of the rituals required to win the game, and I’ve mostly battle with my own kind so far. I’ll report back once I’ve put some more time into the campaign.


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