Trump didn’t tweet

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CREDIT: AP Photo/Alastair Grant

Anti-Muslim attacks occurred both in the U.K. — when worshipers standing outside two mosques in North London were struck by a van, leaving at least one dead and eight injured — and here in Virginia, when a 17-year-old girl was fatally attacked with a baseball bat after leaving evening prayers. Both leave us pondering why attacks committed by non-Muslims receive far less media coverage. In fact, our own president has yet to acknowledge either incident.

CREDIT: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Trump’s temperament and ongoing legal troubles are scaring off potential job candidates, and notorious Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke just bailed on a senior Homeland Security job offer. Among those still in talks for top administration positions: President George W. Bush’s former EPA official, and current fossil fuel industry lobbyist Jeff Holmstead, who is Trump’s top pick for Deputy EPA Administrator.

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Carlos Humberto Cardona, an immigrant from Colombia living in New York, helped clear hazardous rubble after 9/11 — the Trump administration is preparing to deport him.

Fox News is reportedly entering into new troubled waters for sexual harassment claims.


It doesn’t appear that there’s a majority for hard Brexit, a majority for soft Brexit, or certainly not a majority for remain. It’s a very confused picture.

— John Springford, research director for the London-based Center for European Reform, said following the recent election.

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